We have a winner! Ozmen Center sponsors UNR student to attend Startup Weekend Reno

The Ozmen Center for Entrepreneurship will be sending University of Nevada, Reno student Thiago Arruda to Startup Weekend Reno April 15-17.

He shared with us how the Ozmen Center has inspired him to become an entrepreneur and won our contest!

“Hello Ozmen Center,

My name is Thiago Arruda, Brazilian student at UNR in my last semester here, and for me, The Ozmen center created the environment that I was looking for. A place where you can breathe innovation, new ideas and an entrepreneurship way of thinking and living. I was gradually knowing more about the Center and your branches meanwhile I was pursuing what UNR had to offer about entrepreneurship because I came thinking about bring to UNR the idea of creating a Junior Enterprise, company led by students inside UNR. From it, I met Kylie Rowe and she showed me the EClub, the chance to show this idea on PackPitch last fall. Now, as a member of EClub and doing ENT401, I’m having the keys to understanding even more about business models, start-ups, creativity, how to pitch, and so on. Going to the startup weekend would be the peak of this experience.

Thanks for the opportunity and possibility to go to the Start-up Weekend.”

Congratulations Thiago! We hope you get inspired at Startup Weekend Reno!