UNR Startup Connects Students with Businesses

By Alexandria Malone

Founded by alumni George Nicholas (B.S. Mechanical Engineering ‘15) and Frank Olson (B.S. Electrical Engineering ‘15), Dringo is an online platform dedicated to connecting students at the University of Nevada to business in the area.

After he graduated, George started the rounds of networking that often consume a recent graduate’s time.

He saw that businesses in the community were eager to work with students of the university, but didn’t always know where to start.

George said, “Outside of a couple of career fairs, businesses don’t know where to go to get in contact with students. By giving them an online resource, we have opened up that line of communication.”

Beyond internships and jobs, we tap into the projects that students are required to complete and connect them with needs of local businesses. This allows students to gain not only a grade, but also stronger connections in the community, opening up doors with potential employers. From a business’ perspective, this collaboration gives valuable insight as to how an intern or project partner fits in that business, which makes the process of hiring a student or recent Nevada grad smarter and more attractive.

Thanks to Mridul Gautam, vice president of innovation and research, we work out of the Applied Research Facility on campus, which allows us to meet with student groups and faculty members freely. We get invaluable advice and feedback from Matt Westfield, entrepreneurship faculty member, and Tod Colegrove, head of the DeLaMare Library.

This semester, we are focusing our efforts to marketing.

We want every student at Nevada to know what we do and use our site to further themselves and make themselves more competitive when they graduate.

We will speak in every class and club meeting we are welcome in. We want to be able to walk through campus and have students stop us and ask how we can help them.

We at Dringo share a common goal: to build something that solves a problem and helps others. We consider our education at Nevada to be our competitive advantage. We know how to navigate the university and are able to use our experiences to help others.

Find out more about Dringo here. 

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