Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Challenge Inspires Young Entrepreneur

Isabela Reyes-Klein is a freshman at the STEM Academy at Galena High school and a  national winner of the 2015  Samsung Solve for Tomorrow challenge. 

She shared her experience with the Ozmen Center Center for Entrepreneurship as a guest blogger. 

How the challenge inspired me, and now I am wanting more

During the beginning of my freshman year our STEM class was learning how to sketch 3D objects. By the end of it, most of us had drawn up conceptual models of adaptive equipment meant to help our disabled peers.

That’s a drastic change, how did that happen?

It began once we found out we were entered in the first round of the Samsung Challenge. The challenge sponsors (Samsung) realized our project held great potential. The three freshman classes realized our project’s potential around the same time. Everyone was startled out of view-point sketching, and was sucked into a vortex of engineering principles, client interviews, and figuring out how to use AutoDesk programs.

What was the challenge?

The SSTC, Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Challenge, challenged K-12 schools to find a prevalent issue in their community, then solve it using STEM principles.

What did you learn from the challenge?

I learned that I really liked the engineering design process. I learned that I absolutely loved interviewing students then designing and innovating devices that could help them in their everyday lives. Hunter and Kenny shared with me their hearing and seeing difficulties firsthand.

I feel a project like this, that gives you a taste of what a career would be like, was pivotal on my stance on engineering. I am now interest in a career that’s a bit more computer science based. I am looking forward to taking classes on coding that Galena currently doesn’t offer, but maybe one day will. The SSTC has also taught me ALL the  different steps that you have to take if you want to bring a product to market, it was vital information to learn since I’m an aspiring entrepreneur. I would love to get involved with classes that give you real-world experience like the challenge did, not only as a one-time thing. I would also love for it to be present throughout my, and everyone else’s education.

Isabela was the project manager for the 2015 National Championship team who won the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Challenge.  A member of the Galena cross country, lacrosse, debate teams,  and winner of the Nevada Museum of Art Teen Jury Prize for directing and producing a 3 minute film titled, “The Addlers,” the accomplished teen believes entrepreneurship, “is an area of study where we aren’t bound by limitations.” She hopes with the support of the InNEVation Center her class can receive legal advice to move their winning project forward.