We are excited to be able to share various resources with students who are exploring the realm of entrepreneurship.

“Creating a Business” Workshop Series

All of the workshops in our “Creating a Business” workshop series were video-recorded and have been captioned. Feel free to take a look via the links below:

  • Team Building with Chris Riche
  • Ideation with Tod Colegrove
  • Business Model Canvas with Jeannie Reeth [to be uploaded]
  • Business Lingo with Jeannie Reeth [to be uploaded]
  • Advancing Your Business Concept with Kelly Northridge [to be uploaded]
  • Business and Legal Considerations Regarding Funding with David Lewandowski [to be uploaded]
  • Assessing Your Competitive Landscape with Matt Westfield [to be uploaded]
  • Pitch Deck and Pitch with Matt Westfield [to be uploaded]