Meet Our Fall 2016 Ambassadors

At the Ozmen Center for Entrepreneurship we have a team of ambassadors to survey how entrepreneurship is flowing within the University of Nevada. Our ambassadors strive to help improve and learn about entrepreneurship and help grow both their own and the university community’s understanding of entrepreneurial opportunities in Nevada. Take a few minutes and get to know the Fall 2016 Ozmen Center Ambassadors!

From left to right: Chris Oram, Brooke Smailes, Megan Hosea, Aris Lazarou
From left to right: Chris Oram, Brooke Smailes, Megan Hosea, Aris Lazarou

Our first ambassador is Brooke Smailes, a Nevada sophomore who can’t wait for the opportunities and connections the ambassadorship will bring forward to help her in the future. As an ambassador Brooke hopes she, “will be able to create awareness of the entrepreneurship program here at the University of Nevada, and educate students on the resources The Ozmen Center offers.” Brooke shared her thoughts on entrepreneurship stating: “I love the idea and concept of entrepreneurship; I believe that it creates opportunities for people that they may have not been able to receive otherwise. It allows people to be in control of themselves while creating jobs and opportunities for others in the community as well.”

Our second ambassador is Aris Lazarou, a Nevada senior. Some of his favorite parts of being an ambassador are being able to promote the Ozmen Center, being introduced to some awesome people, and meeting with everyone weekly. Some objectives of Aris’s are “To encourage entrepreneurial thinking within people” and he also wants to “make the Ozmen Center a starting point for the future 1%.” Aris says the perks of being an ambassador are that he gets free admission to and learns about the awesome local events where he can gain valuable skills and connections. We asked Aris what his thoughts on entrepreneurship are and he told us, “It’s way of thinking; stepping a little deeper than what’s comfortable.”

Our third ambassador is Megan Hosea, a Nevada sophomore. Her favorite parts of being an ambassador are the ability to meet new people, and to attend events like TEDxUniversityofNevada, startup weekend, and many others. Some of Megan’s objectives as an ambassador are to make many connections within our great community, and attend entrepreneurial events. We asked Megan what her thoughts on entrepreneurship were and she answered, “I think entrepreneurship is such a great opportunity for so many people. Many people have so many unique ideas that would be great for our society if they were developed. I look forward to seeing entrepreneurship continue to grow over the years.”

Our fourth ambassador is Chris Oram a Nevada sophomore. Chris’s favorite part of being an ambassador is all of the networking opportunities and the special events he gets to attend that promote entrepreneurship in the Reno area. Chris’s objectives as an ambassador are to spread the word about the Ozmen Center to all clubs and organizations in the Reno area, and to encourage interaction with fellow business students. Chris also shared his thoughts on entrepreneurship stating, “The internet really changed the game for entrepreneurship. Now, I feel like anyone who is passionate about something can form their own business based around it.”

Walter Bagehot said “An ambassador is not simply an agent; they are also a spectacle.”

We are excited to see what our ambassadors can accomplish this year. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador in the future subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media.

By Jacob Thiels

Ozmen Center Social Media Coordinator