Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Minor

Description of Program

The entrepreneurship minor is open to all students at the University, purposefully designed without pre-requisites so any student can complement their major with entrepreneurial training. The program seeks to provide the student with fundamental entrepreneurial skills, enhancing the student’s ability to one day open and operate a business.

Entrepreneurship Minor Advisor:

Professor Mark Pingle, AB 319C

ENT 401

New Venture Creation

Explores the process of new venture creation, including opportunity recognition, determining feasibility, planning, securing capital, and team building. Assesses and develops entrepreneurial capacities.

ENT 402

Entrepreneurial Finance

Explores financial issues facing entrepreneurs, including stages of financing, cash flow, sources of funds, valuation, legal issues, strategic positioning, and exit strategies.

ENT 403

Applied Entrepreneurship

A new business venture is planned, including identifying the opportunity and market potentials, analyzing feasibility, articulating business functions, delineating risks and rewards.
Prerequisites: ENT 401 and ENT 402

ENT 489

Entrepreneurship Internship

Internship with a business firm or organization providing practical experience and exposure to applied entrepreneurship problems.

ENT 493/693

Special Topics in Entrepreneurship

Study of selected topics in entrepreneurship.

ACC 201

Financial Accounting

In this course, you will learn the basic accounting practices, useful for tracking business performance.

MKT 210

Marketing Principles

In this course, you will learn basic marketing techniques and principles, useful for selling business products.
MGT 491

Decision Making and Negotiations

How to make good decisions, how to avoid decision errors associated with common decision biases, bargaining and negotiation skills, how to create and claim value.

MGT 491

Social Business

Integrates social media tools and operating principles across all levels of business. Develop a good personal brand in preparation for becoming a good digital citizen and a valuable asset to any business seeking to leverage the power of social business.

MGT 491

Applied Business Ethics

This applied  business course explores a wide variety of ethical issues that arise in business.