Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Minor

Description of Program

Entrepreneurship involves turning an idea into profit. This can occur with a startup or within an existing business. To see profit in an idea requires a breadth of business understanding, and to obtain profit from an idea requires the ability to execute. An emphasis in entrepreneurship provides grounding in evaluating business ideas and much detailed exposure to the practical steps necessary to form and execute a business plan.

MBA Area of Emphasis Advisor:

Chris Howard

BADM 794

Value Creation and Measurement

Identifying and measuring value in the corporate environment and the study of strategies useful in the development of enterprise value.


ENT 693

Special Topics in Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurial Marketing)

This course is a place holder for new courses. The course you take under ENT 693 will depend upon the instructor, but it will be a selected topic and entrepreneurship.

ENT 601

New Venture Creation

Explores the process of new venture creation, including opportunity recognition, determining feasibility, planning, securing capital, and team building. Assesses and develops entrepreneurial capacities.

ENT 602

Entrepreneurial Finance

Explores financial issues facing entrepreneurs, including stages of financing, cash flow, sources of funds, valuation, legal issues, strategic positioning, and exit strategies.

ENT 603

Applied Entrepreneurship

A new business venture is planned, including identifying the opportunity and market potentials, analyzing feasibility, articulating business functions, delineating risks and rewards.